Increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and meet business objectives

The Priox Service Management Suite is robust software, covering all the core Service Support and Service Delivery processes. Providing a communication platform on which to manage your Service Delivery processes that meets business and customer requirements. Priox supports best practice frameworks such as ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 allowing you to provide evidence based benchmarks and implement a Continuous Service Improvement plan.
Priox’s focus is on business needs. It provides a platform to monitor and measure your organisation performance against business defined success factors, whether that’s to improve customer satisfaction, drive down IT expenditure or help with your IT decision making.
With Priox’s Service Management Suite the IT management can eliminate guesswork, using evidence based data to demonstrate and better understand the value of IT to the business. Using the Priox suite business is able to measure, support and improve the delivery of quality services.

Key Features

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Out-of-the-box, best practices, with minimal implementation time and cost

The Priox Service Management Suite is an out-of-the-box solution that can be applied fast and adequately. All the development work has already been done for you: you do not have to program implementation procedures anymore, only match them with and configure them to your specific situation.

In close consultation with you and your own subject experts the suite will be arranged according to your wishes and requirements. This tailor-made work can be carried out in a time-efficient and cost-efficient way because of the smart and comprehensive structure of the application.

Our specialists will help you to chart your processes and resources. After its implementation Priox will soon show its productivity: ‘instant eye openers’ are no exception and the business intelligence that produces the suite may constitute the basis for decisions that will result in immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings.
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Measure and control, improve process efficiency and reduce costs

End-to-end understanding of the IT supply chain: real-time, historical and forecasting: Priox places you in the cockpit of your ICT service, for an optimal support of your operational processes and infrastructure.
Our Service Management Suite offers a platform on which all information about, and activity within your services, infrastructure and IT-processes can be registered and retrieved. Irrespective of the number of parties involved, such as clients and suppliers, departments, systems or applications.
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Standardise, reduce risk and drive compliance

At Priox we're keen on standards. All data within the Priox environment are consolidated through XML-interfaces with the service management tools of your suppliers, but also, for example, through a direct input from helpdesk environments. This makes an end to the often toilsome collection and interpretation of data from different sources and in different formats.

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Data driven decision making, dashboard and ad hoc reporting, demonstrate business value

Priox streamlines and presents data from different sources as information that is immediately comprehensible, matched to the Key Performance Indicators that have been laid down: your sourcing contracts, SLA’s and process descriptions according to ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, Cobit of CMMI. Changes in trends, problems and risks are charted at a single glance.

Reports are presented in clear overviews, geared to your knowledge and signalling needs. You can do this through the Windows client on your desktop or from every PC with an Internet connection: this is because Priox is 100% web-enabled, so that you can monitor at every place and at every moment and also can retrieve reports.

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