About us

Priox is a software company, on a mission to help organisations improve their service management with smart software. Founded in 2006, the company and its software have their roots already in the IBAS group in the early 2000's.

We started the development of Priox software to fill a gap in the IT service management software market. Organisations in the field of Managed Services and Outsourcing were asking for advanced tooling and not able to find what they needed. What started as a research for the perfect service management tool, ended up as the development of Priox Service Management Suite.

Today Priox software has evolved into a software solution specialised in Chain Management Control and ITIL®-ISO/IEC20000 Service Management. This has made us the first supplier that provides you with true management control on the entire chain of information systems, from IT Demand to IT Supply. Showing in our customer base with (out)sourcing and service suppliers, and other companies who want to stay in control.

Working at Priox is great, with smart, talented and fun people, who are passionate about software tools and service management. We think that Priox is a different sort of company and that it shows in both our products and our service. While we acknowledge that making money is important and allows us to continue to make good software, we want to be a good company, not just a profitable company. We want to feel good about the products we make, and our contributions to our customers.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office.